For those who love the idea of chasing an endless summer, the spring/summer collections are a constant point of reference and a highly anticipated annual calendar event. Yes, we know there will be florals, no not ground breaking but comfortingly familiar (what would the season be without them?) and we look forward to pops of colour, pretty pastels and wait with baited breath for the Chloe girls to grace the Parisian runway, forever effortlessly cool and chic. With each and every collection we expect a little flounce, a little flirt and something a little bit fancy that channels our most feminine side and this season that ‘something a little bit fancy’ has been found in the ruffle. Oh the frill of it all!

The Modern heroine. She is as fierce as she is feminine and unafraid to express her softer side, and in as much as there may be a fragility in the nature of her whimsical summer wardrobe, the woman inside remains unintimidated and unapologetically a romantic at heart. Like it’s heroine, the ruffle in it’s modern interpretation is multi-dimensional. It’s statement sometimes bold and at other times though smaller, sizeably significant in it’s expression.

With dramatic proportions on display at Chanel, and sweeping red carpet gestures being made at Giambattista Valli, whimsical bohemian vibes at Chloe and decidedly exaggerated and playful tones at Balmain, this season’s finishing trim is both the beginning and the end.

The ruffle is virtually considered an accessory unto itself so when when styling, let the ruffle speak!
Choose accessories that are low key and minimal, opting for those pieces understated in nature and keep your hair and make up effortless and chic; not far from undone. Simplicity will be the ultimate pairing.

Go on, it’s time to ruffle some of those fashionable feathers! You know you want to.

Jenni Sellan
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