HAVING been undeniably blessed with winning the genetic lottery and possessing an innate sense of style that is effortless and unquestionably chic, Sharni Lindsay, Designer and Director of Nancy King, immediately disarms any sense of self induced inadequacy with her genuine and friendly nature which before long has you ordering your second coffee, convinced you are kicking back and chatting up a storm with your bestie!

If the name Lindsay is inducing a sense of Déjà vu, Sharni is the younger sister of Jasmine, from Jasmine and Will, who we caught up with just a few weeks ago, so no you are not going crazy and yes this is a family with an enviable level of creativity and business prowess running through their veins.

A long time friend of Stylehunter, it’s been a few years since we caught up with Brisbane’s very own “Queen of resort” so it was a real treat to talk to Sharni about the growth and evolution of her label, her greatest love story, (yes she’s getting married!) and her Mum’s famous boiled chocolate cake, because even when you are in the throws of planning a wedding, a little indulgence is completely necessary!

Oh, and there’s just this small matter of being given a sneak peak of Nancy King’s up and coming Spring 16 collection… which I’m sure you will agree is to die for (and a few select pieces are available NOW for pre-order on line!)

It’s been close to two years since we last spoke just prior to the launch of your first Spring/Summer Ready-to-wear collection.
What have been some of your biggest learning curves along the way?

Believe in yourself and you’ll find the path you are meant to be on.
For me, there was no point designing and creating pieces I didn’t want to wear or sell. I learnt that over the years and have only just taken it on board! 

How has Nancy King developed over the last 4 years since your very first collection?
Nancy King started as a resort wear label many years ago. Today it has developed into a multidimensional brand; it hasn’t been easy but I’m so proud of where the brand is at today. Our Spring 16 collection is my favourite to date. 

What are the most rewarding and challenging aspects of running your own business?
Being your own boss can be so rewarding because every milestone you achieve is from the hard work you’ve put in. On the other hand, running your own business throws more curve balls then you sometimes want to deal with. There are times I spend my entire day problem solving rather then designing but it’s all a part of the challenge.  

Can you share a little of the inspiration behind your SS16/17 Collection? What are the pieces you just can’t live without?
I decided that I wanted to create a collection that I could to wear to lunch with my girlfriends or on holidays around Europe.
Versatile but wearable! I love every piece but some of my favourites include the Striped Aloha dress, the Hula printed lace dress and the entire Polk-a-dot print collection!


Who is the quintessential Nancy King Customer?Anyone who is genuinely excited to wear a piece of Nancy King

Who have been your greatest supporters/ your cheer squad?
My Family!

How would you describe your everyday style?
Easy wear pieces with a classic cut and gorgeous print.

We interviewed your sister Jasmine a few weeks ago, do you ever pour over designs together… have you thought about collaborating?
We haven’t! We speak every day and always send each other prints and styles to get a second opinion. I was in Sydney last week consulting with her over our next collections (and a few wines). 

Lets go on a Speed date…

 Who are your favourite designers?
Dolce & Gabbana

Is there anyone that you would ‘die’ to see wearing your designs?

Chrissy Teigen

If you weren’t designing what would you be doing? 
Cooking school!
Your favourite place to sip champagne 
Gerard’s Bar on a Saturday
Your most extravagant purchase
Holidays! I love travelling to new places
Your favourite holiday destination
Italy and New York! 
Your favourite indulgence 
Mums Boiled Chocolate Cake
Rumour has it you recently became engaged… will you be designing your own wedding dress?
Good question I’m leaning towards yes! I have less than 6 months to get organised so I should probably start thinking about it! I have however already designed and started making the bridesmaids dresses.

Nancy King is available on line at www.nancyking.com.au and at selected boutiques around the country and if you are not already signed up, 10% off your first order is a great incentive!
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