If you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly encourage you to go watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E. now showing at the cinemas. For two hours it will transport you back to the future, with glamorous 60’s fashion right before your eyes. Alicia Vikander is a Swedish Actress who not only features in this years most stylish spy movie, but also featured as Louis Vuittons muse as the face of the fall 2015 campaign. I dare you to not have a mildly womanly crush on her after watching the film.

There is a certain atmosphere she brings to the room when she walks into the scene. It’s one thing to watch what someone is wearing at a glance, but watching with a wide screen close in front of you, made me analyse every detail of the outfits Alicia wore. Her style is youthful yet chic and effortlessly feminine.

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The young actress is gaining much wider recognition and is respectively named one of the style muses among young women. Not only acting is recognised on her resume, but dancing is a pursuit that Alicia had at a young age where she studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, before realising acting was a talent she also had. Currently living in London, you may recognise Alicia from other films, such as Ex Machina, A Royal Affair and Anna Karenina. The 26 year old actress still has many more to come, with a true talent of performance, and a growing number of admiration for her work.olivia 4alicia 2olivia 5

There is a certain innocence and charm in the way Alicia wears every dress, shirt, pants and blouse. It seems fitting as the new face of Louis Vuitton, that most of the outfits she has worn in 2015 have been mainly Louis Vuitton. Alicia is a natural beauty, and wears minimal make up, drawing the focus towards what she is wearing. She often wears low heels and long dresses which flow to her ankles, emphasising her petite figure. I noticed that her hair is either simply tied back or cleanly down. The key thing I admire in her style, is the ability to let the outfit speak for itself. It is never overdone, but it is never quite minimal either.

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Being under the eye of the public, it’s no wonder many people are head over heels over Alicia, as there is definitely more to come. Alicia’s style and personality shines through every outfit she wears. It oozes femininity with a soft edge. A well presented, classy, talented and striking woman, it’s no surprise that Alicia Vikander will continue to have a successful career ahead of herself.

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