Lana Del Rey will be releasing her new album Ultraviolence next week, but she has already released some of the songs and they are amazing!

Lana’s music is not the only thing that makes us love her and nearly obsess with her. It is also her style. We can’t forget it was her who started the flower crown trend when she appeared on the video for her song “Born To Die” sitting on a throne wearing a giant crown made of roses in different shades of blue. She refers to her style as “Lolita lost in the hood” making reference to the hints of “gangsta” seen on her outfits.



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Here are a few items you should consider if, like me, you want to steal a little of her style ito your wardrobe.

First of all there has to be a crop top. The more innocent and naive it looks, the better. Remember she is trying to look like Lolita. This blue lace crop top would be perfect with high waisted jeans or mini skirt with white socks and sneakers.


Another characteristic of Lana Del Rey’s style is her love for 50’s fashion. This pink midi skirt is the perfect item to get the look. With this piece you can either choose to embrace the full style with a peter pan collared blouse or you can update it by wearing a graphic T-shirt.


High waisted denim shorts are also a staple in Lana’s wardrobe. You can pair these with a crop top or a worn out vintage T-shirt.


And finally, if you are going to the beach, this is the swimsuit you need. Along with a sun hat and vintage sunglasses you will be perfect.


We all love Lana Del Rey’s emotional songs and decadent voice, but all of that would be nothing if she didn’t have such an extraordinary and characteristic style we all want to copy.
Carolina Quintero

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