Next week is one of my favourite fashion weeks of the year – as much as I love a good runway, the last weekend of February is Oscars weekend, and I love a red carpet almost as much!
This year’s Best Actress Nominees are all extremely stylish women, including Reese Witherspoon, who I profiled a few weeks ago, but my favourite of them all is Marion Cotillard.

What is it about French women that they just do it so right? Marion Cotillard has something, that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that so many other Hollywood actresses just don’t. She was born with good looks, sure, but it’s something deeper, as though having a unique and perfectly pulled together style runs in her veins, and as such, she can get away with wearing outlandish pieces and almost costumed outfits that would look mildly ridiculous on any other mere mortal, much like this Maison Martin Margiela mini-dress she sported at last year’s Cannes film festival.

Cotillard walks a red carpet with a gracious grin, made up in only the most perfect shade, exuding the confidence needed to wear her big choices in gowns, favouring daring shapes in bold block colours, but occasionally veering for a flowing feminine frock with intricate detailing.

Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 2014 Governors Awards - Arrivals 2015 Critics Choice Awards AFI Fest 2014 premiere of Two Days, One Night
Off duty too, Cotillard brings glamour to even the basic jumper and jeans pairing. Often seen in skinny jeans, Cotillard’s casual look is measured and tailored, with jean hems hitting her ankle at the exact right spot for her frame, and oversized coats making it look easy. She rarely wears more than one or two colours at a time in her outfit, instead styling them with fabulous handbags, perfect shoes that make a statement, on point eye-wear and her signature dewy make-up look.

Marion Cotillard seen leaving the Bowery hotel in New York City Marion Cotillard Steps Out In New York City

Marion Cotillard is the embodiment of easy french chic. The ease with which she pulls off her charming, ever stylish look might not be such an easy thing to steal, and certainly highly embellished ultra mini-dresses aren’t going to work on those of us who aren’t Cotillard herself, but her look is attainable, and definitely one which we should all strive to emulate as much as we can!


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