We don’t need a CFDA award to realize how much Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have given to the fashion world. Known for their simple but sophisticated style, these twins have become icons and recognized designers, showing everyone that being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t create fashion.



In their two brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, the Olsens translate their relaxed style into high quality basics that everyone can get.



They don’t look for attention, their looks are always very low profile and focused on sartorial excellence. If you identify with this minimal approach to fashion, this key pieces will help you get a little closer to looking like an Olsen sister.

Garments that don’t care for accentuating any figure. Structured dresses, pants and blazers usually in neutral tones, this is as minimal as you can get. No embroidery, no prints, simply a beautifully executed piece that shines for its quality.



Flats are also a big part of their wardrobe, pairing their looks with sandals, like birkenstocks, sneakers or booties, they don’t care that they’re short and are perfectly confident of walking around with no heels.


And finally, the piece that makes everything look more cool: an oversized scarf. Probably their staple piece, this is an accessory that will tie the whole look together and give you that not-trying-too-hard vibe Mary Kate and Ashley know too well.



The Olsen twins know exactly what their style is, you can see it on them or on their collections. It goes perfectly with their low profile but high quality lifestyle and it doesn’t require much maintenance. If you think comfort doesn’t need to compromise fashion, then these are your style icons. They represent the side of the industry that believes there’s no need to wear extravagant pieces to be recognized, simple garments are just as valuable as intricate ones.
Carolina Quintero

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