This week’s street style was snapped at the much loved Chapel Street, Prahan. There is never a dull moment on Chapel Street and never a dull outfit either. Roaming the streets, you’ll find all the latest trends as well as those who aren’t afraid to set their own trends rather than follow them.

Being one of the most popular tourism destinations for shopping, dining and clubbing, everything cool and exciting seems to be packed into this precinct. One of Chapel streets’ best assets is the way it welcomes change and it is definitely evident with the dynamic fashion and food culture. A diverse street accommodating every shop and cuisine you can think of; designer stores, small businesses, chain retailers, juice bars, restaurants, cocktail bars – the works!

This weeks vibrant street looks featured some great fashion pieces – it’s always lovely to see attention to detail in an outfit and it can really make a look. Take a leaf out of these girls’ books and add a quirky/chunky necklace, a shirt around the waist or a statement bag and boots. For the guys, a shirt over a tee and denim shorts always works…

Chapel Street styleChapel Street styleChapel Street styleChapel Street styleChapel Street styleChapel Street style

Jordy Komesarook

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