As fashion fills the flora scented spring air and we commence the countdown to the much anticipated Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, now is the time to think big, creative and of course, stylish.

It’s not necessarily about wearing a pretty cocktail dress when attending a runway show. Though it is an event to get dressed up for, the fashion rule breakers are the ones who will be snapped on camera and talked about, post shows. Anything can go when it comes to fashion week and if you’ve got a ticket to this wonderful week of inspiration and style, my advice is not to create those imaginary restrictions such as ‘I can’t wear jeans to a fashion show’ or ‘I can’t wear a hat if the show is indoors.’

If you can make it work, you can wear it. Cue sassy girl voice shouting ‘Work it girl!’

Hear are a few things to consider when dressing for fashion week. As always with great style, it’s remembering the finer details that make an outfit appreciated so it’s helpful to consider all options.

First of all, an easy way to make your style stand out is to wear something thats out of the ordinary. It can be as simple as choosing a cool texture (like the coat in the image) or wearing something with an unusual shape or cut (example – the white culottes featured below).



Add an element of grunge – best done with leather boots or a leather jacket. I know, I know, I rave about leather jackets a often but a) they suit most people and b) they look on trend with pretty much everything – long skirts, dresses, tailored shorts, trousers, jumpsuits, coords… the list is endless. So if you’ve got your ‘dress to impress’ outfit ready and realise your going to freeze in the evening spring air, two words: leather jacket.


As gorgeously sophisticated as black can look, make sure you consider loud colours. Suiting the fresh spring season, bright colours will be eye catching and can also make your skin look more tanned after these chilly, pale months of winter. I love a bold coloured 2 piece coord with stilettos and a statement clutch.


Lastly, don’t forgot fashion week is about fashion AND beauty. So why not have fun with your beauty products? Grab some bright coloured hair chalk or wash out hair dye to spice up your style. Fashion week style is limitless so be sure to push the boundaries.

Jordy Komesarook

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