Jeans are a basic piece of clothing anyone and everyone must own. Even though there are many styles for you to choose from, sometimes it can get a little too basic and boring. There’s a new trend in jeans that gives you a kick so it doesn’t look like you are wearing the same outfit every time you go out: ripped jeans.

These are jeans that are very distressed and can sometimes have very large holes in them.



Styling them is”nt harder than styling regular jeans, its the same item but with some extra “decoration”. Here are three ways of wearing ripped jeans for different occasions.

You could wear them on a regular day, because of its ripping you can get a casual outfit that is not boring at all. You can just  wear a T-shirt or sweater and sneakers and you’re good to go. Perfect look to go shopping or run some errands.


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For a more formal occasion you should pair them with an over-sized blazer and heels; stilettos and jeans are always a perfect match. You can either wear a cute embroidered blouse or a simple button down shirt to go with you outfit. As accessories go a clutch and some chunky bracelets would complement the outfit beautifully.




Ripped jeans are so versatile you can even wear them to go out at night, all you need is the right pieces to make them a little bit more elegant. Any kind of jeans go perfectly with a fur jacket, and these are no exception. A feminine crop top and very high heels are the perfect pair for this outfit. The fur speaks for itself so all the accessories you need are a couple of statement rings and you’re done.


This new trend of ripped jeans can be easily adopted into your life. There are many tutorials online so you can do it at home with a pair of old jeans that you don’t like anymore. But if you are not very into DIYs you can always buy them at your favourite store.

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