AN INTRICATE web of femininity and intimacy, a pretty piece of lace is the ultimate ‘must-have’ if you need to inject some girl-glam into your Winter repertoire.

While the days of using silk, gold or even silver threads to create delicate lace are largely behind us (thanks to the more cost-effective cotton alternatives used today), the allure of lace has remained just as strong as ever … and it seems it is here to stay.laceIn the fashion-forward world we find ourselves in, lace has matured from the little girl who featured on our wedding dresses and perhaps the edging of nightgowns, to the woman who proudly peeks through sheer shirts, openly stating our femininity and more often than not, sex appeal.

Lace is no longer the sophisticated cousin of cotton or wool; it’s the racy complement to many outfits which manages to be just as stylish on its own as it is mixed with business attire or peeking through Winter layers.

braAt its core, wearing lace is all about embracing your feminine side. Whether you go for a minimal look with a hint of lace bra under a sheer shirt, or a more dramatic approach like a full lace dress, the chances are you are going to feel uber girly, (and dare I say it – seductive even).

But lace-wearing is not a fool’s task … knowing how to choose the right lace for you can mean the difference between a fabulous fashion feat and a fashion faux pas.

The good news: finding the right lace is easy.

The most important thing to do is to research and consider all the types of lace out there. Think about the finer details, such as how delicate it should be and what colour works for you (believe it or not, black isn’t for everyone).bra2Then – the fun part – go and physically try that lace on (sorry online-shoppers, but this one should definitely be left for physical in-store shopping!). Like all of our wardrobe pieces, we want to feel comfortable and happy in what we wear. After all, we want it to make the right statement about who we are.

This is where choosing the colour is important. Think about what it is that you’re going for and choose the lace that will best represent this. Black lace adds a bit of sex appeal, whereas white lace radiates a certain softness and fun.lace 3Another important consideration is the material. Lace comes in all shapes and sizes and so it is important to consider whether the material complements your figure and to accept that not all styles are for everyone. If you feel it doesn’t complement your body, don’t be dismayed, you’ve probably just got the wrong type and/or quality of lace and need to keep looking.

Unfortunately, if you don’t invest enough time and money into it, it could end up looking cheap and very much the opposite of what you’re going for (lace is one of those materials where anything less than high quality, often stands out like a thorn in a bunch of roses).lace2However true this may be, it’s not to say you need to spend a fortune. Some of the best lace pieces I’ve found have easily been less than $50 (AUD). And for a beautiful piece that can adapt to most body shapes and sizes (and make even the least girly-girl feel uber feminine) – it really is a small price to pay.

Haven’t convinced you yet? Purchase a small piece and see how addictive the allure of lace is. Before you know it, you’ll be searching for ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe as often as possible.