CWonder‘ is a company that puts their customers first. No – literally, the ‘C’ stands for customer. With such dedication to their specific clientele how can this label born in the artsy district of Soho go wrong? We visited their newly opened branch in the happening beach-front shopping destination of Dubai, known as JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) to bring you up-to date.



The store itself felt like a delectable Christmas cake, all warm and scented, wrapped in the signature red we all see this time of the year. Guests, mingled and viewed the clothes that were on offer as iced lemonade was passed around. The opening of a second store in the Emirate showcases vast growth for the label, JBR being a significant shopping destination for the elite and tourists. And, CWonder, embraced its new store with a offering that was seasonally perfect. Red plaid cape jackets, faux-fur (I’m always a fan), embellished silk crepe tops in colors from navy blue to coal black and blush were among the standout pieces. What is more remarkable is the ability of the brand to seem almost ‘hippy.’ True, the garments were cut to standardized perfection and the fabrics were a shoppers dream, but, the overall appeal of the brand seems to emanate from it’s roots. Its starting point as a purveyor of ‘traditional with a twist,’ as was evident by the homewares collection that was on display. The glinting gold running along the edge of fine glass, and the delicate placement of patterns on cups, were all desirable, less for their fine craftsmanship and more for the energy they seemed to exude. Apart from clothing, CWonder offers a variety of trinkets such as dainty accessories, statement necklaces, candles and of course, the home-wares (metallic salad servers, monogrammed glass sets, etc)

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As the event came to a close one had to marvel at the ability of modern day brands. The ability to capture a customer’s heart is by no means an easy feat in a day and age where one ‘click’ of a button can have our retail dreams delivered to our door step. Cwonder truly creates for that hipster in all of us, but of course when I say ‘hipster’, I mean the kind that spends $200 on a plush, pressed faux-fur jacket, and less the tie-dyed, head band slinging hippies of yesteryear. Because, that my friends is undoubtedly so last season.

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