SET YOUR alarm for 12:01 am on September 5th, because The:5TH is launching its new time piece: Tokyo. And if there is anything we know about this intriguing and somewhat mysterious label (its watches are only available for five days of each month) it’s that if you want to have any chance of being the first to wear (and Instagram) its new wrist-candy – you’ll need to get in quick.

Inspired by the city, its seasons and people, this watch is the label’s third time piece and, yes, in this scenario, three times is certainly a charm (as well as one and two …).

When I first received my invitation to the launch of The:5TH Tokyo, I didn’t know what to expect from the new watch. After all, in my opinion the label had already nailed the two watch styles I thought I would ever need: the Melbourne Minimal and New York Classic.

So, what could possibly be next? More so, how would the team design a watch to represent the dynamic style of Tokyo?

The answer is in the images you’re about to get a sneak peak of.

But, before you start salivating over our juicy images, let me just say, when I arrived at the launch party my anticipation to see the collection was at an all-time high (I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to accessories), and although I had probably set the team behind these glorious timepieces with unattainable high expectations, when I spotted the first of the watches … those expectations were exceeded.

The:5TH Tokyo watches perfectly capture the essence of the unique and vibrant city. A minimal watch face leaves only the essential details; cased in uber-sleek matte stainless steel which contrasts with textured leather bands.

Featured in five stunning colours, the collection tells the story of the changing seasons and landscapes that shape the beauty of Tokyo.

But why listen to me when you can see for yourself:

FUYU – winter: Mt Fuji clear on horizon disappears into darkness of starless night. Neon lights buzzing burst through blackness. Shadows move. Daikon radish tofu hotpot.the_fifth_watches_tokyo_hero_5_v2

AKI – autumn: Full moon glowing bright colours night navy blue. Leaves blaze bright orange. Sweet potato croquet crumbles. From beneath doorway colours rose and gold.The Fifth Watches Tokyo Hero 3_V2

HARU – spring: Cherry trees bloom into distance. Soft pink petals falling. Perfumed air. Strawberry rice cake two bites. Eyes close breathe in. Breathe out. Eyes open fresh.The Fifth Watches Tokyo Hero 1_V2

NATSU – summer: Sky baby blue sun hot bodies bustle busy streets. Baseball stadium crack of ball and bat. Shaved ice. Frosted beer glass bright amber bubbles.The Fifth Watches Tokyo Hero 2_V2

TSUYU – rainy season: Grey clouds mass Satsuma plums ripen round. Cute umbrella procession Shibuya Crossing. Rainy day robot restaurant cabaret. Catchy music.The Fifth Watches Tokyo Hero 4_V2The new range was celebrated in Tokyo style, with a ceiling of cherry blossoms, a Japanese themed lolly bar, a photobooth, sake and sashimi bars and Japanese fusion food cooked up by Nick Mahlook and Jason Barratt, alumni of The Stokehouse and Attica restaurants in Melbourne.

Extra points to The:5th for knowing how to make a great watch and a great party.

The Tokyo collection will launch at 12am EAST on the September 5 and – as always – be available for five days (if it doesn’t sell out sooner).

To be the first to wear The:5th Tokyo, sign up to be VIP at

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