5 minutes with Chantelle Chirimuuta, our very own London Insider! We got to have a chat with the London  Insider and  asked her a few questions to try and find out what makes her stylish mind tick …. This is what we came up with, When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a toothfairy..lol! And Now? Fashion Entrepreneur What do you most love about your state/ country? The diverse culture. It’s a small country but it has so much culture. Describe your style? Who inspires your look? I don’t have a specific look it depends on my mood and the weather of the day. How, where & with who do you like to shop? I like going shopping with my mum. We go to charity shops, car boot sales, she picks out the most oddest and random things and I love that. What are the 5 most worn items in your closet?
  • Vintage  60’s striped jacket that used to be my mums.
  • Gold cross skull earrings.
  • Dark blue skinnys
  • Geek glasses
  • L’oreal red nail varnish
Is there a trend you think (your state/ country) has adapted well? Why? The boho chic is a huge hit here everywhere I go that’s all I see! Finish the sentence... Date night: jeans, heels and white vest The item in my wardrobe i cherish the most is my shoes My most extravagant purchase was flared pants for £100 Looking back, my bigger fashion fail was jean jumpsuit (What was I thinking!) Any looks not complete without A clutch bag The hottest look for this season is 70’s lux stylehunter.com