We sit down with the new Stylehunter.com Toronto Insider Kelley Tessier to find out a little more about what makes her stylish mind tick.
5 minutes with Kelley Tessier, the new TORONTO Insider! We sit down with the new Stylehunter.com Toronto Insider Kelley Tessier to find out a little more about what makes her stylish mind tick. This is what we came up with…… When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was young I wanted nothing more than to be famous; clearly I hadn’t come to terms that I was shy at this point.  I stayed pretty undecided after that. And Now? I want to experience as much as the world and the dynamic cultures as possible: food, fashion, art; so much to learn and experience! What do you most love about your state/ country? Best thing about Canada- the proximity to the great outdoors and all the activities that come with it (skiing, hiking, camping, I could go on..and on). Describe your style? Who inspires your look? I am in love with cuts and angles, when abstract art meets fashion I get excited.  I am also obsessed with accessories- watches in particular. My look is inspired mainly by my friends- a few are in the industry and a few just fashion obsessed. Their love for fashion fuels mine. How, where & with who do you like to shop? This is a loaded question, if its an outlet or massive sale- every woman for herself.  However, nothing beats a weekend trip to NYC with a few good friends. So many places, so much diversity in style; its amazing! What are the 5 most worn items in your closet?
  • 7 for Mankind Skinny cropped jeans.Unbelievably comfortable and unbelievably appropriate for a Canadian Summer.
  • Red jeans:  Shocked at how often these pants have made an appearance- they rock during the day or at night, flats to pumps with a bit of dazzle and your set.
  • The little black work dress:  Completely appropriate for the office, but also above the knee and slightly fitted.  Swap the 3inch heels to 5,  add in some neon accessories and your Thursday night just became martini worthy.
  • My Michael Kors oversized rose gold watch. I’ve never loved a material item more… maybe my BlackBerry.
  • Black Fitted Blazer. Its great for those unpredictable days and can work for the day or evening.
Is there a trend you think (your state/ country) has adapted well? Why? Canadians are amazing at the winter wear (comes with the environment). The layers, the fabrics, the options!! Pairing short boots with a flowy top layered with a silk scarf and leather jacket. Looks amazing and works in the cold weather.  I can’t even get started on the outerwear: jackets, bombers, petticoats, trench- so many options. Finish the sentence... Date night: jeans, heels and a funky blazer (I am always cold) The item in my wardrobe i cherish the most is my 7s skinny jeans My most extravagant purchase was a Michael Kors watch (because it was my 1st purchase out of uni) Looking back, my bigger fashion fail was army pants. (I cant believe it happened either) Any looks not complete without the right purse or statement necklace. The hottest look for this season is neon, lots of it. Personal fav’s: hot pink and neon yellow.  Also loving the high low skirts and the return of the crop tops. My Fav fashion designer is ..well this is complicated. I have had a long term love affair with Michael Kors and Oscar. However, after living in Sydney for 3 years, I did have a fling with Sass and Bide, MARCS and Alex Perry. Read more by Kelley Tessier or see more Stylehunter.com Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.