So you were cool with BB creams but then CC creams hit the market and now you’ve got DD and EE creams? Help! Never fear, the Stylehunter Beauty Editor is here to save the day with a little lesson on the beauty alphabet.


BB Creams – Beauty Balms or BBs are the soccer mums of the beauty world aka great multi-taskers. They can work as a primer, base, sunscreen, moisturiser, concealer, illuminator, foundation, the list goes on! While they usually only provide light coverage, they are great for an on-the-go beauty routine as you’re cutting out a bunch of other products and condensing your routine down to one little tube.

CC Creams – CC stands for colour correction and CCs are the saviour of anyone who suffers from redness, acne, scarring or pigmentation. CC creams are typically lighter than BBs as their main aim is to reduce redness. They may have additional benefits like SPF or illumination and are excellent at pepping up dull, tired skin.


DD Creams – Daily Defence or DD creams are relatively new to the market and in all honesty, are just a fancy name for a moisturiser with sunscreen. DDs tend to be quite lightweight and are aimed at treating the skin rather than as coverage. Some DD creams also have wrinkle reducing properties.


EE Creams – Alright, now we’re getting crazy! Estee Lauder are the first brand to release an EE or Even Effect cream. Like DD creams, this EE is aimed at treating the skin and is a skincare rather than a makeup product. This particular product is designed to correct colour and protect skin by providing a barrier against pollution. The EE cream also has an additional brightening effect to make your skin look more luminous while it goes about its work protecting your skin.

That’s as far as the beauty alphabet goes for now but I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for FF, GG, HH and heck, even ZZ creams on the horizon!

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