BlackBerry & The Playbook OS 2.0 Join Forces With The Stylehunter Insiders! Attention Stylehunters one and all…The combination of fashion with technology produces the most outrageous creations known to mankind, but when technology becomes fashionable, we get a BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. This season’s accessory is minimalist at view, but immense on the inside. Being fashion conscious isn't all about clothing, accessories and makeup trends…it’s about being ahead of the game with the latest and greatest of all things that make you fabulous! Resembling that perfect little black cocktail dress you have in your wardrobe, this device works wonders by fitting perfectly into any bag and its sleek presentation makes it amazing for any occasion. With a 7inch screen and flash capability, this silk looking piece will match your clothes in power and style. Totally classy and the smooth black border is button free. It’s light (lighter than the iPad) but feels very solid and more importantly, it will fit into your favorite coats pocket, so it’s nice and portable too. Offering top of the range systems that support the best of the best that Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, have to offer, the Playbook will soon become your best friend. The Playbook browser is fantastic. It is as desktop-like as any mobile browser today, even giving the competitors a run for its money – it’s super fast. For those who like to browse the hottest shoes and fashion on websites that need a Flash Player, the PlayBook has nailed it, unlike the iPad. Now you can browse away!! Websites look spectacular, especially! The screen is crystal clear and delivers high quality graphics. The Playbook comes with front and rear cameras, both good enough to shoot HD quality video; forget muffled video’s of your favorite fashion runway shows…. It is easy to use and results are great! The tablet now available in the market is fast passing through the fashionistas for its simple but stylish look, along with its power capability worthy to work any runway. When you have watched this totally cute video, you’ll want to pick up yours today and be part of this!