It seems like every second celeb is hopping on the bandwagon and getting the chop lately. As someone who’s recently boarded the very same bandwagon and swapped my almost waist-length locks for a cropped blonde do, I can definitely see the appeal. Shorter hair means less maintenance which equals at least one more punch on the snooze button in the morning. If that doesn’t sell you, then I don’t think we can be friends! Back to the topic at hand – here are a few celebs who have recently taken the plunge and joined yours truly in the Awesome People Who Have Recently Had Dramatic Haircuts Club.

Lauren Conrad

Can this babe do no wrong? Well apart from the Laguna Beach days and that not quite the right shade tan I mean. But seriously, it seems like the woman can do no wrong and her recent haircut is no exception. She’s traded in her long and luscious locks for a very chic shoulder length crop and it looks fabulous!

Dianna Agron


This babe is one of my hair muses and her recent snip has me running to stick some new pins my “I wish I could get my hair to look like this” Pinterest board. She’s gone for a wicked platinum blonde bob and looks more gorgeous than ever!

Lena Dunham


Everyone’s favourite down to earth celeb swapped brunette for a super bright platinum blonde shade and also went for a shaggy bob, which she has recently dyed green. On most people, this would look like the classic pudding bowl haircut of many not-so-fond childhood memories but Lena somehow pulls it off and looks amazingly polished and on-trend to boot. You go girl!

Emma Stone


Another lady who can literally do no wrong when it comes to, well anything really! Emma swapped her trademark long red curls for a short, sharp, slightly messy bob and is rocking it. As much as I loved the longer look, the bob suits Emma down to a T.

Taylor Swift


How can we talk about dramatic haircuts and not include T-Swizzle? Though it was a while back, Tay is still making her shorter hair look fresh and fabulous every time she gets snapped. She’s also a big fan of the accessories and from Alice bands to jewelled clips, she knows what works with her new look.

Kayley Cuoco-Sweeting


In the spirit of saving the best for last, let’s talk about Cayley Cuoco-Sweeting! The Big Bang Theory actress went from the long blonde waves that had become her signature to a banging cropped bob to and ever more daring pixie cut. The new look was incorporated into her role in the Big Bang Theory but a lot of fans were super critical. C’mon guys, really? How could anyone criticise this babe’s rocking new haircut?


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