Friendship Bracelets: The Summer Comeback Kid - Kelley Tessier

I am absolutely loving the colours this summer- during the day its all about the pastels (mint!!) and at night the neon blocks.  The best accessory to  it all is Lauren Elan’s friendship bracelets  which conveniently come in both pastels and neons!  The bracelets are simple, yet vibrant and when paired with your regular go-to jewelry can create a very cool look.

Sometimes I am not feeling brave enough to colour block neon- but combining 2-3 of the bracelets with a bright tee gives you a colour block effect. An added bonus- if you purchase 4 or more you get a cute little gift bag and box- I am sucker for the litte extras :D. You can go to the Lauren Elan website and check it out for yourself! Start getting creative, ‘tis the season to take a few risks 😀   See more articles by Kelley Tessier or more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.