melissa - Do you remember those "jelly" shoes? Do you remember those "jelly" shoes we all had as kids in the 80's??? Personally I loved mine: pink sparkly sandals. They were my "go to" shoe, they went with all my outfits, they were super comfortable, they were cool and lets be honest - they were pink! melissa is the original ‘jelly’, born in 1979 in Brazil. For over 29 years the melissa label has been creating and designing shoes that are exported to all parts of the world. A few years ago, to add to the melissa experience, the decision was made to infuse all melissa shoes with a sweet bubblegum smell. The smell will not last forever – but it does remain for quite a few months and is one of the most talked about features of melissa. My whole wardrobe now smells delicious thanks to my new melissa shoes - I love it! melissa releases two major collections per year, a winter collection and a summer collection, both launched at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil. If a particular style proves to be very popular and melissa decides to re-release this style then that style is re-launched in a new range of colours. Gone are the days that melissa just does the "jelly" sandals, If its flats, wedges, pumps or statment pieces, melissa is the perfect foot accessory! We've hunted down some vintage images of melissa shoes just to rekindle your memory... Claudia Schiffer from the 80's Don't we love the crimped hair and socks with sandals - vintage at its best. More on melissa Also couple of good videos below: Also, check out the  Q&A with Edson Matsuo - Creative Director of melissa below Have fun reliving your youth with  melissa “Jelly’s” Your Welcome x See more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles