On Set With Kendall Jenner and Genlux Magazine

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to style the beautiful Miss Kendall Jenner for the cover of Genlux Magazine.  What a blast! We shot in LA at one of my favorite restaurants, Sur, right on Robertson Blvd. which created a totally glamorous but kind of badass vibe for the shoot.

I started things off with an incredible copper tone dress from one of my favorite designers, Leila Shams.  Leila is so talented and makes the most unbelievable clothes.  This bad boy is covered in ornate beading and copper sequins. Seriously, so amazing! And lucky for you, you can pick one up for yourself at the Leila Shams online store.

Next up I went with a beautiful look from another one of my favorite designers, Rue du Mail.  This French-designed dress is super chic and totally classy. No doubt that whoever wears it is going places!

A lot of times working on set can be tricky.  Between the photographer, art director, model, stylist and publicist, there are a lot of opinions about what the next look should be.  You know you have a winner when everyone is speechless over a look, and that’s exactly what happened when Kendall put on this gorgeous gown by the Australian designer, Bowie. I paired it with a few gold statement pieces to really complete the look.

The cover is always one of the most important, and my favorite, shots.  Hello, it’s the cover! The cover needs to stand out and make a statement—and that’s exactly what this shot of Kendall does.  I put her in a stunning white Razan Alazzouni gown and finished it off with a pair of minimalist earrings, because who needs anything else when you’re in a gown like that?

These are just a few of my favorite shots so be sure to grab a copy of it on newsstands now or peep the rest of the spread on my website!

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