I am not sure when we made the transition from calling pigmented shadows ‘glitter’ to the now enamored term ‘metallic’ (much more sophisticated) but in any case the word is out…Get your glitter on people!

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In the spring and Fall 2014 shows designers like Gucci, Dior and Channel sent their models down the runway adorned in metallic facial armor. Metallic shadows and eyeliners are already sort after items on every beauty counter but dream beyond the eye horizon. We are adding eyebrows, blush, lipstick and nails to the assembly.

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No longer are metallics just a look to be paraded on a night out clubbing, circa 1999. You can tone it down to adapt to an office environment or turn it up for a night out on the town. You can be as subtle or outrageous as your heart desires. Anything goes but remember to stay metallic appropriate. What works on Saturday night in the meatpacking district will not work on Tuesday morning at the weekly marketing meeting.

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Urban Decay Palette 3

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Mac soft bronze with shimmer 

For workdays take the road more subtly travelled. Use a nice metallic eye color like one from the new Urban Decay palette 3. I just bought this and am so in love with all these beautiful peach and rose tones, I cant get enough. Apply a bronzer with a shimmer in place of blush, try the Mac soft bronze with shimmer. A great tip is to add a little on the tip of your nose and around the corners of your face and chin. This technique helps give you a sun kissed iridescence and supplements a tan or lack thereof.

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For a date night you could take the metallic shadow down a notch by using a more neutral shimmer like the Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color  in 204 and add a metallic liquid liner like the Urban Decay Metallic Liner in Midnight Cowboy. Then while you are strategically batting your eyelashes your date will see intermittent hints of metallic glamour.

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 Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad in 204 

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Urban Decay heavy metal Liner  – Midnight cowboy

Then of course, given the right time and place, there is the opportunity to embrace it all. You can start with the NARS illuminator which can be used all over you face to add a shimmer base. Add a metallic shadow, shimmer blush and even a gloss with a metallic finish like the NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Cytére.

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NARS Illuminator                                                                                                NARS Velvet Gloss In Cytére.

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Going all in may sound frightening but it does need to all go horribly wrong. You simply need to choose the facial accessory that gets to be the hero. I have said it before, and I will say it again. It is either the eyes or the lips, rarely both. The rest of the look becomes the supporting cast.

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So be sure, metallics are not going to be favored by the demure wallflower. This trend is loud, glitzy and unreserved so embrace it and embrace it completely.


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