PYJAMAS, THE NEW DAYWEAR - London, Chimere Cisse I recently went to a meeting in London. “How will I recognise you?” I asked the fashion journalist I hadn't yet been introduced to. “I’ll be the one wearing pyjamas!” she replied. It’s official. Pyjamas in London are in. They’re so in that the high-streets are filling their windows with copies of the silk designer versions that were last seen on catwalks from Stella McCartney to Prada as I write. They’re betting that the Pyjama will be the big trend of summer, and I have to say I’m quite excited. I’ve longed for this moment. Many times have I been the source of a fashion-induced giggle “...what are you wearing, is that a nighty?” Caroline Sieber in Louis Vuitton For me and all the other nightwear lovers out there, this is our moment.  Understatedly sexy, nonchalant and cinematic, pyjamas have an unmistakable easy charm. Aside from the obvious benefits of comfort, fit and flexibility (have you tried walking in silk, it’s quite lovely) one also has no need to change when going to bed. Time saving? Check! Scoff now, but I’m sure you’ll be sporting this look come June. The pyjama (pajama, PJ, jim jams etc) as daywear concept is not new. Men such as Julian Schnabel and Hugh Hefner have been wearing PJs in daylight hours for decades. At the start of the Twenties Chanel would often lounge in pyjamas. At the time, pyjamas were considered a male sleeping suit and inappropriate for women. Chanel created luxurious patterned silk, satin and Indian cotton pyjamas for her clients to entertain in. The Inspiration: Artist Julian Schnabel, Fashion Designer Coco Chanel, Magazine Owner Hugh Hefner For those of you new to the trend, think long sleeved buttoned shirts in heavily printed fabrics, matching cotton/silk trousers, white piping and lots and lots of paisley! Alexa Chung in JW Anderson at London Fashion Week, Rihanna in Pucci PJs at the world premiere of Battleship A slew of celebrities are already adopting the pyjama-style. Alexa Chung was recently captured in a pair of JW Anderson PJ pants at London Fashion Week, Rihanna pulled off a turquoise Pucci set at the premiere of her new film this week, Salma Hayek combined style and comfort wearing a Stella McCartney Spring 2012 maroon PJ set on a recent flight through LAX...the list goes on. Here are some of my favourite PJ rockers: From left to right: Model Elisa Sednaoui Dresses Up PJs with a Sequin Blazer, Senior Market Editor Marina Larroudé in Contrasting Print, Sofia Coppola in Louis Vuitton and Fashion Designer and Pyjama trendsetter Stella McCartney So you heard it here. PJs are here to stay (well for this season anyway). ‘Is that a nightie you’re wearing?’ ‘Yes it is my friend, yes it is!’ Read more by Chimere Cisse or see more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.