gets a sneak peek at Cherrytreeroad's new "Black Line" collection - Kirby Hughes. A few years ago, men’s accessories were, for the large part, non-existent beyond the occasional watch or neck chain. Fast-forward to the now, and the men’s accessory range is on par with that of their female counterpart. The handcrafted designs of Melbourne-based jeweler Jared Laoumtzis are unparalleled by any other - his original chain-and-leather creations have been adorned by the likes of John Mayer, Ronan Keating, Brian McFadden and Pharrel Williams (N*E*R*D). Now stocking in Australia and internationally, it's no wonder these unique designs have been adopted into the wardrobes of street savvy A-listers. Growing up in Hurstbridge, Jared titled his label after the street he lived on during his formative years. “The process of designing new concepts and creating new pieces is that part I enjoy,” he said. Initially designing just necklaces, Laoumtzis has expanded the label to include bracelets, rings, ties, belts, gloves and headwear, all the while successfully maintaining the original and rare individuality of his trademark designs. His latest black line collection is aimed at being accessible to the everyday male consumer, affordability and wearability playing a large part in the design process. “It was important for me to reach out to a bigger market, without compromising on quality and ensuring that every piece is still made by hand, in Melbourne,” he said. New forerunner in online sales, The Iconic, have recently picked up on Jared’s keen eye for detail, his collections now available for purchase at their online store. Cherrytreeroad is also stocked in Europe and the US, and is also available at their online store. “My creations are simple, but it’s the little details that make them unique,” he said. And unique they are, with items from the new collection featuring rosary-type formations with a modern twist. And we hear a clothing line may be on the horizon? “Watch the Cherrytreeroad space,” he said. See more articles by Kirby Hughes or more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.