If the long-term medical benefits of maintaining good posture don’t get your attention, then the fact that it can make you appear taller and slimmer certainly will.

Wearing heels, sitting at a desk all day and carrying a handbag all have a negative impact on our posture. Obviously we aren’t going to give up shoes or handbags (like, ever) so we at the Stylehunter office have decided to take part in a 21 day posture challenge!

Yep – that’s 21 days to change a lifetime of bad posture habits. We think we can do it! Luckily, we don’t have to do it on our own (like that would work). We have each picked one type of support apparatus from Bad Backs to be used every day in our quest for better posture and a slimmer appearance.

So who’s using what?

SH HQ, Amanda and Kirby – Back tone 4000

This trusty brace is worn around the waist and shoulders, and beeps loudly every time you begin to slouch. Apologies in advance to everyone else in the office!

Perth Insider, Donna – Bad Backs Essential Posture Brace

Donna will be strapping herself into a taller future with the Bad Backs Posture Brace. Designed to keep you sitting and standing straight all the time.

Sydney Insider, Rhiannon – Hug Back Pain Relief Belt

With a pre-existing back condition, Rhiannon chose the Back Hug support, which adjusts the pelvis throughout the day to ensure optimum spinal alignment. Our Sydney Insider will give a whole new level of meaning to the word straight!

Perth MAN, Dion – LUMOBack Posture Sensor and Trainer

Testing the latest in posture technology, Dion’s Lumo Back apparatus will talk to an app installed on his smart phone and send him posture advice throughout the day! The ultimate personal posture trainer!

SH HQ, Katherine – Swopper Classic

This 3D phenomenon encourages proper spine alignment regardless of how you sit. Plus, it’s blue!

We’ll be keeping your updated on our posture progress as we beep our way around the office and align, straighten and fix our bad habits so that we can keep on wearing pretty shoes.

Get your own posture support from badbacks.com.au or read more Stylehunter.com Lifestyle articles, Fashion News articles or Fashion Events articles.