Summer is the perfect time for embracing a sun kissed tan and letting your hair be free. You may have seen loose braids on the runway or at the Summer music festivals. A loose braid calls for a carefree and effortless look. The braids look even better pulled out a little for a messy texture creating a casual, relaxed and boho chic look.

Have it classic and pulled to the side or experiment with a fishtail, waterfall or french braids. Scrolling the Pinterest page, there are endless loose braided hair style inspirations to flatter. Each to suit different hair lengths and textures, as well as suiting for any occasion casual or formal.

It seems simple enough – a hair brush, a hair tie and hands to loosen the braids. However, for more complicated braids, it’s good to use hair spray to make sure the loose braids stay put during the day.

Experiment with your hair to see what works and what doesn’t work. There are endless ways to style different hair with loose braids.

Try a very loose French braid for a beachy and sandy look. The more thick strands used for each braiding, the better to achieve this full and thick textured style.


For short hair, a simple braid can be very pleasing, and add that extra style. Not to mention, it is an easy and practical way to keep the hair at the front, out of the way. Having small waves can also give the cool, effortless and chic look that loose braids often give.


Why not try the classic loosely braided pony tail to the side? It’s easy and calls for the messier the better. It is still ideal to brush the hair and cancel out the knots, and braid the hair by grabbing each strand, without measuring the amount or brushing it. The somewhat teased hair look is what gives the side braids the effect.


Achieve this look, by French plaiting or normal braiding the bottom sides of your hair, and ending it with a messy loose bun. This is one of the ultimate Summer hair style for special occasions or simple days at the beach.


For those who have very long and textured hair, it can be easier to braid a part of the hair. The braiding in a messy ponytail gives a subtle detail for a romantic braided style or a casual occasion. For more volume, the trick is to keep the hair very loosely tied, as to bring more height.

The half up braid can be accomplished by braiding a small portion of the hair on the sides and tying it up into a messy rose bun. You can be spontaneous and add smaller messy braids in different strands.


The magic of hair, is that it is very versatile. Whether you have short, medium or long hair, there are many hair styles to adapt for different hair. A braided hair can be feminine or tomboy, casual or elegant and most of all, the many ways you can experiment with it are endless. Are you inspired to try the loose braid this Summer?

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