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Having a very diverse range of multicultural influences
The Return Of The Gypsy I think there has always been something rather fabulous about the free spirited gypsy girl. She surfaces in one form or another season after season, like the traditional reflections of the trend seen sometime ago by Gucci. This trend seems to be moving forward to the more current interpretations that have a folkloric feel to them, seen from Frankie Morello and Clements Ribeiro. There’s a big focus on rich prints and patterns and also combining a handcrafted but very polished feel to the look. Having a very diverse range of multicultural influences, many of the collections that draw upon this inspiration have a rather high-end casual appeal. Throughout some of the recent resort collections that have surfaced, there have been injections of blouses with a folksy appeal and dresses that give the gypsy look a glamorous twist. Two of my favorites have been looks from Alexander McQueen and Valentino as both houses are always effortless. Clements Ribeiro Frankie Morello Valentino Alexander McQueen See more articles by Dylan Cooper or more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.