The Top Knot - Adelaide Insider Seen on celebrities all around the globe, the top knot is ‘so in right now’ when it comes to fashionable hairstyles. With the likes of Kate Bosworth and Kim Kardashian wearing this look to perfection, it is clearly a top pick for the season; oozing style. It definitely changes the whole look of an outfit – adding sophistication and elegance. Here are the simple steps to follow to master the top knot and be the envy of all your friends:
  • Best done in a slick manner, put your hair in to a high ponytail with a hair tie and secure tightly
  • Feed your hair through an oval shaped donut hair pieceWind the hair upwards, continually wrapping around the hair piece
  • Curl the hair piece round to meet and form a circle
  • Pin it in to secure and you have your top knot! My hair is my security blanket and I almost always wear it down when I head out on the weekend… but after seeing this look on so many people I decided to give it a go! The best thing about the top knot is that it saves you from a bad hair day, and a rainy/humid day won’t affect it either!! *Maree Stoubos Adelaide Insider Read more from Maree Stoubos or check out some other Fashion News articles