The French have a long history with culottes. Culottes (silk knee-breeches) were a sign of the bourgeoisie of France at the time of the French Revolution. When revolution swept through the nation, the radical, left-wing lower class called themselves 'les sans-culottes' (the without knee-breeches) as a political statement (these "sans-culottes" instead wore pants). As they say history repeats itself and once again, culottes are back in fashion and not only reserved for the bourgeoisie. These fashionable pants are a spring/summer must-have and the joy about them is that they come in a variety of different lengths, so there is something for everybody. Unlike their French revolution forefathers, culottes are not tight to the leg, but rather loose and airy, perfect for the (upcoming) warm and sunny weather. Paris street style Celine AW14 Runway Metallic Culottes Culottes street style Lavish Alice white on white Longer style culottes are great because you have the impression of wearing a skirt, but still the freedom of wearing pants (this is especially nice when you do not want to struggle with crossing your legs in a skirt when you are at a spring picnic). Paired with a crop top and a pair of wedge sneakers, they would make a great funky-casual picnic outfit. Transcend the look to night with a statement necklace and some heels. Trend Alert - white pants ASOS Culottes, $79.22 Statement necklace ZARA Choker with pearls, $19.90 If you want something with a shorter hem line, these culottes are not only short, but also have a funky, yet wearable print. These cute culottes would look great paired with an oversized vintage jean jacket and a plain white tee shirt. Short Culottes ASOS Culotte shorts in tartan, $29.71 Just a little FYI, culottes in French also means underwear, so be careful. However with THESE culottes, there is no need to be careful, they are always a good choice. Bernadette Hutson - Paris Insider Read more articles by Bernadette, or follow her on Twitter @bghutson.
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