They say celebrities are ahead of the times when it comes to fashion. They have stylists at their beck and call, endlessly scouting the runways and street styles in a frenzy to find the next new thing and to make sure their starlets are wearing it at the next red carpet.

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As per the Hollywood trend of trudging through stockpiles of 80’s and 90’s films looking for the right one to rehash so are fashion designers recycling the looks of yesteryear. This latest trend is all about shoulders, clavicles and collarbones. It’s about off the shoulder, one shouldered and the drop shoulder.  Rather than going back to the future, we are headed back to the past. Circa 1985.

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I have to admit as a child of the 80’s I am partial to an exposed shoulder. I am known to rock the one-shouldered dress or T, especially in summer when my tan lines have been carefully crafted.  Take note that this trend can be done well or it can be done very, very badly (DKNY 2000)

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If you don’t wear strapless well and perhaps don a swimmers shoulder than this trend is definitely not for you. It requires a petite shoulder although not necessarily a petite girl. Actually this is a look is one that adapts well to a variety of body shapes.

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If you dare to bare and feel like trying this latest silhouette remember three rules for a flawless execution

 1.Choose under wear strategically – Actually there is not really much strategy involved as much as taste and common sense.  Under no circumstances should you wear a clear strap bra underneath an off the shoulder outfit. In fact there Is no reason you should wear a clear strap bra ever. Strapless bras – that’s why we have them – wear them!

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2.The less is more approach to accessorizing – When you are making an outfit all about the neckline, this in itself is the statement. The best approach is to go simple. If you are a girl for whom jewellery is a must then a simple pair of earrings is just about enough to add some glam to your outfit.

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3.Simplify your hairdo  – There is a time place and a place for big hair. Big hair coupled with an asymmetrical neckline is a little too Dynasty. A straight edge, simple style is the key to making this look sophisticated rather than tacky.

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