For those of you with a naughty streak like me, you might have done a double take on the title of this trend alert, but make no mistake; this trend is turning some serious heads making appearances on both the runway and red carpets across the globe. Similar to the pompadour trend of the 1940s, the front bun is an elegant up do which sweeps the hair up and forward giving volume and sass. Not only does it add a touch of vintage class to any outfit, it also brings the hair up off the shoulders during those sticky summer months whilst showing off a feminine neckline (think Audrey Hepburn chic with her ballet graces). Marion Cotillard is gracefully glam in her front bun up do. Hollywood starlet Betty Grable (known to have the most beautiful legs in Hollywood), rocks the pompadour in all its 1940s glory, drawing the eye all the way up the body for a final vavoom. front_bun_1 Gwen Stefani gives the front bun some vintage glam with a more delicate soft sweep, while Thandie Newton has gone for the “curls get the girls” mentality and styles her twirling tresses forward for some feminine chic.  front_bun_4 No one quite pimps the pompadour like singing fashionista Janelle Monae. Her fresh style highlights a feminine spin on a traditional masculine wardrobe which has her as a standout  and a modern woman empowering the runway. front_bun_6 front_bun_5 Queen of vintage, Dita Von Teese, has also rocked the front bun in the most classical way, he clean and classical look has always turned heads. I can't wait till my hair grows out so I can rock the front bun with my girly wardrobe. Are you brave enough to give this vintage 'do a try? Happy styling Perth! Read more from Donna Ferreri or see more See more Fashion News or Fashion Events articles.