WITH LESS than nine weeks until spring (and even less if you live in the Northern part of this great land where temperature is our gauge), the reality of our relaxed winter state (insert comfort foods and hot chocolate here) starts to take on a new meaning at the thought of slipping into those cute micro denim shorts, or – God forbid – a bikini.

Oh how I wish that there was a magical fitness fairy who could wave her wand.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the fitness fairy, but I can introduce you to the next best thing: the team at 9Round which can help you work some magic (aka: work your ass off).Established in the US, 9Round has been described as one of the most efficient work outs across the globe, and, I have to say – we are super excited that it’s hit Australian shores.

In short, what you get is exactly that, a quick, 30-minute, high intensity interval work out – and trust me, you won’t want it to go any longer than that.I was lucky enough to be the #stylehunter sent to try and test the workout with the 9Round team and I can express my review in three simple words. I. LOVED. IT.

And heres why:

1. They gave me presents! With my very own set of boxing gloves and straps (boxing 101, apparently) while I may not have initially known what I was up for, I at least looked the part.

2. 30 minutes! That’s an investment I can afford to make and when I’m burning 500 calories in that time, it’s 30 minutes well spent before I slip back into my stilettos.

3. Every work out is unique. Every day, every session, the trainers mix it up for you. There is no room for boredom here or wandering off in to never-never-land which is where I usually end up when I’m on the treadmill.

4. You are not restricted to a time table (it just keeps getting better). You can work-out whenever the gym is open and can start every three minutes; just jump on in.

5. It’s tech savvy. 9Round have amazing heart rate technology which can link you up to its computer screen so you can track your work out and your heart rate as you go. Yes your results are on display, and yes, your fellow ringside peeps can see your results … if that’s not motivation enough, I don’t know what is!

6. You get to ring the bell, sorry, GONG, when you have completed your work out; one gong for a poor work out, two if it was average … of course I rang it three times! “Boom!”

On the downside, I struggled to walk for a couple of days, but hey, no pain no gain.

Summer bodies start here #stylehunters and 9Round will give you the perfect kick-start.
Head to the 9Round website for locations. And trust me, it won’t be long before you’re rushing to the stores for that gorgeous new swimsuit – no cover-up required