MELBOURNE Spring Fashion Week kicks off tonight and it’s seemed to have arrived faster than our feet can run on the treadmill. It got us to thinking: how soon will summer be upon us and, with the end of the winter gloom, so too will the door close on our plans to get summer-ready.

Coming out of winter, office bums usually find themselves looking for a magic elixir to say bye-bye to cellulite for good. After all, girls strive for defined pins for that killer dress (trust us, you will be thinking this after salivating over the dressed this fashion week). Sadly, there’s no magic potion for the dimpled stuff – and nothing sold over the counters either.

But, there is something even better. With help from us – your personal Fitaz experts, you can read on to get some tips on how to get tight and toned on a strict deadline.

Georgio (pictured below) and Aaron are the founders of fitness company Fitazfk. We’re excited to welcome them to our #stylehuntersquad as our fitness experts, brining you – our fans and theirs – a monthly column focussed on fitness and health. Any special requests? Let us know through our Facebook page.


The Food

Rule #1: Avoid all sugars like the plague

Because sugar is just damn nasty! Removing it from your diet means you can free up your body from the white toxin and flush it clean, putting it into major fat-burning mode. Even better, by doing this, you’ll easily be cutting out a large chunk of your caloric intake.

Our top tip? Keep frozen berries on hand when you feel like you need a quick sugary fix. That way you won’t cave in when 3pm sugar cravings strike.

Rule #2: Stick to rock salt

Did you know that rock salt can be used to stimulate how your metabolism functions? Couple this with improving bowel function means that you’ll be bloat-free when you go to squeeze into that tight little number. Plus, who needs all the added chemicals in table salt anyway? Ain’t nobody got time for that!food1

Rule #3: Increase good fats

Research shows that monounsaturated fats actually prevent belly fat. So it turns out that routine smashed avo is doing you some good after all. You can also find these good fats in natural peanut butter, sesame seeds, almonds and cashews. So, go nuts!

Rule #4: Drink before you eat

This one’s an oldie but a goodie! Drinking a couple glasses of water before each meal means you’ll make better decisions when it comes to portion sizes. Because “I love post-binge bloating” – said no one ever.

The Work Out

Rule #1: Fasted cardio in the AM

Set your alarm a little earlier and smash out a quick 30 minutes of cardio before breakfast and coffee (and before your brain figures out what you’re doing). Doing this means that your body will turn to stored fat for energy rather than fuel from food, so you can say goodbye to those wobbly bits!fitaz2

Rule #2: Train muscle groups

Training muscle groups sets you up for quicker results and puts your body into a killer metabolic state, meaning you’ll be burning calories long after your workout is done! Winning? We think so.

Rule #3: Implement full body sessions

Adding a full body workout into your training is perfect for our short-of-time girls who need to whip their bods into shape ASAP. One of our faves is the full body workout from Phase 2, Day 1 of Fitaz in 28 Days.  

Until next time, Georgio