In need of a wireless speaker that packs a little more punch than a sleep deprived 5 year old? The Braven 850 won’t be the speaker you’re able to throw in your pocket for a road trip down the coast. But if you are looking for some depth in your sound and something that booms when it hits your favourite song then it could be exactly what you’re looking for.

BRAVEN 850 wireless speaker

Not only does the Braven allow for wireless connection through Bluetooth enabled devices, but you are able to daisy chain another Braven speaker to allow for left and right speakers when it comes to movie time.

Braven 850 Bluetooth Speaker

Due to the size of the Braven 850 you would hope that the battery life outperforms the competition and we can tell you that it doesn’t disappoint. 20 hours of life seems more than enough and you also have the option to charge other devices directly from the speaker via USB port.

Offering 20 watts of amazing audio the Braven 850 is taking it up to the regular players in the portable speaker world.  More information can be found  on the Braven website or view local Braven stockists.

Bluetooth Speaker


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