Let’s face it, games on your iPhone tend to have a shorter life than most of your regular apps. Remember way back when you were hooked on Angry Birds, then you didn’t stop playing Words With Friends; oh yeah, and there was Draw Something! Good times, but these games left our hearts as quickly as they entered them. Tall Chess however is going back to an old favourite hoping that the simple pleasure of a game of chess will make their app a stayer when it comes to your home screen.

Tall Chess provides your regular chess game but aims to be the best looking and easiest to use. The app creates a simple uncluttered game by taking up the entire screen but will also show captured pieces, move history and allow for exporting with a swipe of the finger.



Challenge your buddies or  go up against strangers with Game Center integration, but you will need to upgrade ($2.99) if you’re wanting to play a number of games simultaneously. Who knows, this traditional game with a great looking interface might just become your “go-to” game on the iPhone.

For more information check out their website, or download the game through the app store here.



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