Okay, I am the first to admit that we may not need another notebook to add to our growing collection. Add that to the number of “To-Do” list app’s we have on our iPhone and we end up spending more time making lists than actually doing the stuff on them. That being said, DODOcase loves to mix tradition with technology and their newest edition provides “A Nest for Your Phone, Paper for Your Thoughts“. The company sticks with their book-like exterior for the notebook and the cover contains a nice cradle for your phone while  being strapped in with a colourful elastic strap.


The notebook comes with 30 tear out pages to jot down your thoughts and then throw them out if you have a change of heart. The decision you need to make now is whether to take notes in your phone, or take it back to the old school and get some ink involved. If that decision gets all too hard, you can always do both with DODOnotes.




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