We may have “air-kissed” Fashion Month goodbye for FW15/16 (sigh), but the flip side is we get to take a close look at emerging styles and luckily for us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s our chance to play dress ups with the and up and coming Fall/Winter beauty trends ahead of time! It’s our turn to go back to the future!
From fierce extravagant theatrics at Givenchy, and dramatic lines at Dior, pure artistry was on display, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the continuation of barely there looks and perfected neutrals made their way back from last season, transitioning into the next.

Gucci- Pat McGrath Vogue.co.uk
The wild, the bold, the subtle and the sophisticated; This new seasons’ beauty bag is full of clever tricks and ready and waiting for the adaption from the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris, to our everyday routines.

And in that everyday attempt to beautify, enhance and lets be honest, create mini feats of illusion, what we are looking for are the beauty trends accompanied by the tricks of the trade that will define our best features, and this season, all eyes are firmly fixed on the “Face Framers”; brushed up brows and bold lashes.
The not so secret secret of “eyes wide open”.

Seen at Giambattista Valli,  Dior and Nina Ricci were lashings of mascara, made possible through our all time favourite styling trick, layering, and brows simply brushed up and over perfected the frame of models at Jill Sander, Gucci, Isabel Marant and Balmain, complimenting the natural goodness of minimal and luminous barely there looks.

versace Bulk Mascara vogue uk nina ricci lashes vogue.co.uk lashes- giambattista valli vogue.co.uk

In the hustle and bustle of a stylish life, simple and effective tips and tricks are the treasures of our everyday, so head out, grab yourself an eyebrow brush, a shadow in the tone and shade of your brow and hair colour, and stock up on your favourite mascara.

You will quickly see that beauty is definitely in the eye of you, the beholder.

Jenni Sellan

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