MELBOURNE Spring Fashion Week has officially kicked off, and, although you may have several chic outfits sorted, a sufficient beauty regime must not be overlooked. To ensure you are red carpet ready, our beauty and hair experts Bree and Sarah are here to share their top tips on how to keep on top of your hair and beauty regime this Spring Fashion Week.

Bree Cowen, brow expert and founder of leading cosmetic tattoo clinic, iBoutique, knows a thing or two about time savvy beauty tricks and tips. Save yourself the hassle of spending hours on your makeup with some of Bree’s most popular beauty hacks.

If you’re anything like us, lining, filling and setting your eyebrows to perfection is a time-consuming task. Eyebrow tattooing is taking the industry by storm and is fast becoming the technique that the beauty enthused cannot live without. The semi-permanent feather touch tattoo technique creates a natural yet perfectly sculptured and fuller brow, keeping you on top of your #browgame. Forget your brow pencils; brow tattooing is the way forward for effortless on-trend eyebrows.


From brows to eyes, Bree has you covered. Smudged mascara after a long day of fashion gazing and champagne sipping is most definitely not street-style photographer worthy. Keep on top of your game by opting for eyelash extensions. Unlike false lashes, extensions are applied to your existing lashes, giving them a natural looking curl whilst appearing fuller. We say it’s time to throw out your old mascara and opt for the longer lasting option.


If there’s one thing that people desire more than brows like Cara, its lips like Kylie. Smeared by sipping on a glass of chic Champagne, lipstick and liner are undoubtedly the hardest element of your makeup to maintain throughout the day. To achieve a natural yet defined look, cosmetic tattoo clinics such as iBoutique, offer lip line tattooing or full lip tattoos. Both of these techniques enhance the lips and ultimately result in a fuller appearing lip. For easy every day wear, simply add a touch of lip balm.


We’ve helped you save time on your brows, lashes, eyes and lips; now it’s time to weigh in on your luscious locks, and who doesn’t want to replicate the sexy Victoria Secret wave? Hairstylist to the stars and founder of the Beachwaver Co Curling Irons, Sarah Potempa, is here to share her ‘how-to’ on the perfect VS beachy-wave! These irons are responsible for the bouncy locks of Candice Swanepoel, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner just to name a few… keeping you 100% red carpet worthy!


Structure is key

In order to get the sexy “lived-in” Victoria’s Secret wave, it’s important to have structure when you’re curling. Start by bringing all of the hair forward, then divide it into clean, even sections using the darby clips. Select the temperature that is right for your hair.

Leave the thinking to your curling iron

The Beachwaver Pro rotates in both directions to give you the flawless Victoria’s Secret wave. The secret is that the curls always have to be going away from your face. If you turn the iron the same way on both sides of your hair, the curls won’t frame the face. So, with the Beachwaver Pro, simply select the side you’re curling on and press go. For example, if you’re curling the left side of your head you select “L,” press “go” and curl.

Hit go for great hair

Clamp the section of your hair at the bottom, leaving the ends out. Press “go” to start rotating and curl from the bottom of your hair, working your way up to the top. This will ensure a consistent wave throughout. Release the “go” button to stop. Hold for 2-3 seconds then open the clamp to release the curl.

Brush before you go

The final brush out is so important for the Victoria’s Secret wave. After you’ve curled all of your hair let the curls cool then spray a flexible hair spray onto the Mini On Set Styling Brush. Brush all the curls out then run your fingers through them to create the perfect relaxed Victoria’s Secret wave.

More hair, more wave

Based on your desired curl, there are different ways to use a curling iron. As a general rule, styles can be done differently based on how much hair you use in each curl. If you section more hair you’ll get a bigger wave, while less hair means a tighter curl.

Your look doesn’t have to be a one-event show

And it’s easy to make your work last beyond a day! Starting on fresh washed hair is best so the look lasts 2-3 days. Use a volume shampoo if you have fine hair or shine shampoo for thick/frizzy hair (it’s important to know your hair type)! Prepping hair with mousse will also help maintain the curls. A root lifter or mousse is a good prep before blow drying and a heat protectant spray before curling!

Hair spray and texturising sprays will also help to keep the curls for longer. A great tip for long lasting curls is twisting the hair away from the face into 3-4 buns at night time.

For more info on iBoutique and its cosmetic tattooing services, head to the website or to find out more about Beachwaver Co curling irons, check out