MAKING the treacherous journey from brunette to blonde is hard. It takes time, lots of hard-earned cash and it inevitably ends up with at least a few weeks of having to sport that ‘transitional’ colour which is ultimately: orange.

But that’s only the case for us mere mortals. Kylie Jenner shared her long journey (over the course of one day) from dark locks to platinum blonde.kylie2The social media queen shared her journey with her Snapchat followers under her handle King Kylie. And while the 19-year-old has had the last laugh in the past by playing games with her followers by wearing wigs – the videos seem to be the real deal.kylie 4 kylie5But, hey, you can decide for yourself. This girl would be gorgeous no matter her hair colour. You’re tempting me Kylie, you’re definitely tempting me … I wonder how long it would take me to go blonde?kylie3