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Ely Anne Vedar is a Los Angeles based public relations and marketing professional with a focus on social media and events. Her strengths lie in building solid client relationships, brand partnerships, creative campaigns, and strategy that scores top media placements.

Ely attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for Visual Communications and Business Management. While a SoCal girl at heart, Ely was born in the Philippines and had the opportunity to live in the Bay Area, Hawaii and Ventura County before ultimately setting up shop in LA.

A sucker for a good pair of black heels and anything functional with lots of style, she’s a true fashion business woman at heart. Having worked with an incredible list of clients across events such as Coachella, ComicCon San Diego, Sundance Film Festival and Academy Awards Weekend, we have no doubt she’ll bring a little pzaz to the Insider team.

Ely Anne Vedar

We caught up with Ely to see what makes her stylish mind tick!

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?      

From dissing the Barbies and playing pretend astronaut or police woman I was definitely that little girl that wanted to be just like the boys. Not to say us ladies can’t do it but it was definitely a fight to convince my mom to sew me a pink astronaut suit! I believe this is a huge influence on my style, dreaming of having a career that allows me to travel always had me reaching for pieces that have smart functionality and endless amount of style.

And Now?

There isn’t a destination that doesn’t make me want to visit, even for a day so I guess I’ll say I still want to be that astronaut!

What do you most love about your state/country?

The best thing about LA is how it’s always growing in all directions. Upwards with new buildings, the city boundaries overflowing as the surrounding towns evolve, and of course with it’s ever changing people population. Where else can you see a punk rocker next to a set of Korean nuns at a Starbucks?

Describe your style? Who inspires your look?

A smart tomboy with a dressy maxi dress here and there. Timeless brands that bring an edge to any outfit like Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs always catch my eye. I like to mix up these designer pieces with pieces by Topshop, Dimepiece and Supreme just to keep it comfy for a causal day or wear sky-high heels on days where a gal just wants to dress up.

How, where & with who do you like to shop?

I am a hunter! If I want something, say a burgundy leather jacket without a hood, I will find it that day!! Guess you can call me a Stylehunter. 😉

What are the 5 most worn items in your closet?

1)    My rose gold “Carrie Bradshaw” ring that spells out “Era”, the family nickname I’ve had for as long as I can remember

2)    Classic black canvas Chuck Taylors

3)    My vintage black leather jacket.. No label just like a true solid thrift store find

4)    My go to leggings, which are Hue’s Ultra Wide Waistband. I have at least 10 pairs in a mix of colors!

5)    My charcoal grey scarf by Hermes, which is big enough to be my pillow while traveling and/or keep me warm while working away from home.

Is there a trend you think (your state/ country) has adapted well? Why?

LA has definitely been an early adaptor to drop crotch pants for men and women. They’re a great example of LA’s daily work mentality; getting things done but still being laid back.

What are three wardrobe staples every girl needs?

TBH – The Black Heel. Find a pair that fits perfectly in an authentic leather or suede and they’ll last you a lifetime of outfits. A proper bra, one cannot look good if they don’t feel good, and black sunglasses.

Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson or Channing Tatum? (We had to ask!)

CHANNING TATUM! I mean those dance moves…

Ely Anne Vedar

Finish the sentence…

Date night: jeans, heels and my favourite leather jacket with lip-gloss in my pocket of course.

The item in my wardrobe i cherish the most is my “Carrie” ring. It says “era” instead.

My most extravagant purchase was my vintage Louis Vuitton steam trunk that holds all my jackets through LA’s 10 month long summer.

Looking back, my biggest fashion fail was.. We all remember overalls right? Mine were baggy, purple and stopped right below my knee.

Any looks not complete without the right attitude and at least one accessory!

The hottest look for this season is… more floral and leather mash ups across the board. From canvas sneakers with leather trim around the ankle to vegan leather pants with floral pockets.

My favourite fashion designer is such a hard question to answer! Today it’s Marc Jacobs, yesterday it was Anna Sui.

Want to keep in touch with Ely?

Twitter: @ely_agency

Instagram: @ely_agency 



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