FROM farm girl to fashion designer, Taylor Hunt’s journey has been anything but ordinary.

A journey that is fitting, considering the first word that comes to mind when I think of the 22-year-old South Australian girl is: extraordinary.

taylor hunt
Only graduating from RMIT at the end of last year, the go-getter wasted no time and launched her label Hunt & Heart just four months later.

Fast-foward less than 12 months and the designer has just showcased 14 new looks in front of the world’s fashion-royalty at New York Fashion Week.
But determination and success aside, this girl is bringing so much more to the fashion industry than just her label.
Passionate about promoting sustainable and ethical practices, Taylor said she was determined to keep her label designed and made in Australia.
“I am going to create a brand that can stay Australian made and have a sustainable supply chain,” she said.
“It’s a great way to start out when you’ve got (a) really close relationship with your supply chain … it’s just easier than if it was overseas.”
For Taylor, this means designing staple pieces that are meant to outlive the trends and outperform the cheaper varieties available on the market.
“(There are products that) are actually made to fall apart after a certain amount of washes or use,” she said.
“I didn’t want to be churning out these pieces which will be thrown out in a couple of weeks or months.”
Focussed on creating quality made garments, Taylor said also she felt it important to provide Australia’s fashion-savvy with a locally-made product.
“People in Australia are becoming more aware of where their clothes are made,” she said.
“I think that (buying local) will be the future (of the fashion industry) … I really do.”
On top of promoting ethical practices, Taylor’s label is committed to supporting Oscar’s Law.
Having grown up “riding motorbikes” and “rounding up sheep” on a farm in Robe, South Australia, Taylor said she had always been a dog lover and, in turn, had created a pair of cut-off denim shorts that would allow her to raise money for the cause.
For every pair of shorts (shown above) sold, Hunt & Heart will donate a percentage of the sale to the organisation behind the cause (want to grab a pair? just click here).
“It really was always close to my heart,” she said.
“(The shorts) are in stock and they will always be in stock … it’s an easy piece that will never go out of fashion.”
Currently in New York, having just debuted her new ready-to-wear line at New York Fashion Week as part of Fashion Palette‘s Australian line-up, Taylor said she was planning to stay longer to make the most of her time in America.
“Essentially, I’ll be trying to meet with buyers and get as many contacts as I can while I am (here),” she said.
With looks that were inspired in part by the latest androgynous trends, Taylor said her new line was different to what she had previously created but still included the statement pieces she loved to design.
“There is a lot that goes into (the preparation for Fashion Week),” Taylor said.
“It has been crazy but it’s been great challenging myself in such a short timeframe.”




To create the 14 looks necessary to take part in the ready-to-wear line-up, Taylor said she had to come up with 22 new pieces.
And while Taylor said the journey to New York had been a steep learning curve, she said the support she had received from the Fashion Palette team had made it an exciting and inspiring one.
“For someone like me who is just starting out it’s such an incredible (support) to have,” she said.
A humble description of her label, considering she has achieved in less than one year what many take years to accomplish … a spot in a runway show in front of the world’s eyes.
Staying true to its name seems to be Taylor’s trademark as she hunts for the edgiest trends and wears her heart on her sleeve by using her designs to support the cause she is most passionate about.
It seems New York Fashion Week is exactly where this girl deserves to be.

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