Hugo Lima

I asked a couple of my friends from around the world about what inspires them in fashion and life to give us an insight into their lives as DJ’s, performers and international go getters!

Hugo Lima is an international and successful DJ in Brazil. The city is about to host the Football World Cup and it’s time to celebrate and party.

Hugo Lima

When did you first become a DJ?

My first public presentation was in 2006 when I came back to Brazil after some time in France as an international student. The party was called “Voyage” and at that time I had lots of progressive house influence from Europe. Later, after university, I came back to the stages in 2012 as one of the residents of Victoria Haus Club in Brasilia.

What style of music do you produce at your shows?

As a native Brazilian I love tribal, so I try to mix progressive, tribal and some electro. The vocals are almost always present in my music, Brazilians love to dance and sing sometimes. What I like to bring to the public is a mix of the very new and the classics. For my last podcast I mixed Sweet Dreams instruments with Rihanna’s ‘Where have you been’ vocals. I loved the result and my followers did too.

Do you have a goal to release your own single?

I’m studying for that, but I feel it will take some time for me to feel comfortable enough to do it. I prefer live presentations than studio production, although I still want to do it. Productions are the complement of what you can be on stage. Most worldwide successful DJs produce their own original tracks, so maybe this is the way to follow.

Where was the best party you played?

Wow. Hard to say! Every party is special, you feel people enjoying EDM and that makes you happy. But if I have to name one: Splash pool party in João Pessoa, where almost two thousand people were dancing near the pool. I’ve had very great experiences at Victoria Haus too.

 Are you ready for the 2014 World Cup?

I hope so! I’ve been to some countries where I could study a little more, so I can put together my Brazilian feelings on music with the best EDM from all around. I’ve also shared decks with some international DJs and I had great positive feedback from them.

You can catch some of Hugo’s podcasts on Soundcloud.

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