Rae Morris remembers the day her life changed perfectly. Originally a hair dresser, she was back stage at a fashion show blowdrying a model’s hair in the corner when the head make up artist at the time had an altercation with one of the most renowned models and stormed out.

“That split second decision in her life are the seconds that changed mine,” said Rae. Going from amateur hair dresser to pro make up artist in a matter of seconds (and without having any make up experience, ever) wasn’t a choice for L’Oreal Paris’ head make up director.

When one of the most famous models in the world points at you and says ‘fix my lips,’ you just do it. “I was absolutely terrified, but I just picked up a brush and started doing her lips. At that same moment, there were a million photographers around who began taking photos that went viral around the world. I was on every show, in every magazine portrayed as this international make up artist.”

From there her career went from high to high, and with seven years of experience at L’Oreal Paris, we sat down with her to talk everything you need to know about eyes!

How do you stop make up smudging on your eyelids? 

So many women ask me this! The most important thing to remember is that the eyelids is the most oily part of your face, more so than your t-section. Always use a primer to prepare the skin before you apply make up and remove any excess oil from the eye lid before applying eyeshadow, liner and mascara. Always!

What colours make eyes look bigger?

Colour doesn’t actually have the power to change the shape of an eye, it’s just an accessory that highlights it. If you want your eyes to look bigger you have to use colours that are darker than your skin tone as they have the power to alter shape.

Only use light colours if you want to bring something forward.

We love jewelled tones in eyeshadow. How can we apply it so that’s it is wearable for day and night?

Eyeshadow doesn’t need to cover your entire eye lid. You can apply small amounts of colour just above the lash line for a more subtle, daytime look. Using navy rather than black when lining your eye is a great way to achieve night time looks in day appropriate settings.

How do you get rid of bags under the eye?

Concealer. A lot of the time it’s not actually a bag under the eye – it may be an indented ocular cavity that is basically caused by the genetic make up of your face.

Make sure you use concealer right up to the below lid of your eye to cover any dark spots. This is the best way to get rid of any bags or indents. Always make sure your concealer is one shade paler than your skin.

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