Heartbreakingly beautiful and an Australian fashion icon to boot, L’Oreal Paris ambassador Megan Gale has quite the list of achievements. Having recently added mum-to-be to her list of future endeavours, we caught up with the supermodel to talk fashion, beauty and how she used to tease her hair way too high in the 80s.

What’s it like being the only Australian ambassador for L’Oreal Paris?

It’s great! The first one as well! Such an honour and less pressure because imagine if they had an ambassador before and big shoes to fill, the pressure and all of that… so it’s great to be the first one for Australia and set the tone.

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We can’t see who would have taken your place…

There are plenty of fabulous Aussie chicks that I can think of. L’Oreal are very careful when they’re choosing their ambassadors worldwide. They’ve got to really fit the attributes that L’Oreal has as a brand. So they don’t just pull a name out of a hat – they look at a pool of women and take that position very carefully.  So I’m sure that there would have been a fair bit of competition for this role.

What are you most looking forward to at VAMFF 2014?

Oh gosh, do you know what, it’s such a fun week in Melbourne. It’s getting bigger and better every year. I think it’s great that L’Oreal are extending their involvement. They’ve turned what was their beautiful powder room into a new beauty boutique and pop up store. Previously the consumer could come in and have a play around and try to create the look that they’ve just seen on the catwalk. Whereas now they’ve got more staff, and more qualified make up artists to help the girls create each look. The pop up store means they don’t need to wait or search around town for the product, they can just go and purchase it after the show!

What are two items every woman needs in her wardrobe this autumn/winter?

I tend to layer a lot more in winter and I think one great staple that rarely goes out of fashion is a great trench coat, and there’s some really beautiful, tailored trench coats out right now. So I think investing in a good trench is something that can take you through many, many seasons.

And… oh I do love my shoes. I would say a great boot. I’ve seen a lot actually coming through for autumn/winter – whether it’s knee high boots, a flat knee high or with a heel, they look really hot, sexy, and you feel really great. They’re a great boot for the cooler months.

What’s your number one beauty must-have for mums-to-be?

I don’t know if you’ve seen the commercial that just came out on the weekend for the new L’Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur product which I just shot a few weeks ago. But that thing is just magic in a tube! It just smooths out any kind of lines or pores and just gives your skin such a smooth silky look, so I think I’ll be definitely carrying that one with me everywhere once I become a mum as it gives your face a bit of a lift. And it’s great under make up as a primer, and it’s such a great product. I think many mums will be getting their hands on that one.

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What’s the first thing you are going to teach your new baby about beauty?

I think that whether I have a boy or a girl, it’s really important to look after your skin, so sunscreen will be a big one. Preserving the skin, protecting it, cleansing it, and nourishing it; I’m very big on doing this for your skin, and I think that men and women should do it equally. Some guys are open to it – some are a little more reluctant, and of course girls are more than happy to. I think you should introduce your child to [a great beauty routine] at a young age, where sun protection and moisturising will ensure their skin is great.

L’Oreal has done a great job with their male ambassadors, and on ensuring men understand the need for great skin care…

Yes, I think it’s definitely a market that’s opening up more – the same with fashion! I think that men are a bit more experimental now with fashion, and they don’t just go with the stock standard black suit and white shirt. When you see them at the races you can see them experimenting with stripes and spots – and it’s kind of a bit more acceptable now, so guys feel more comfortable about how they dress and how they look after themselves. Women like it too; women like a guy who grooms himself and looks after himself.

[Men don’t have as much selection as women with clothes], but then again I don’t think they put as much pressure on themselves as women do – do I wear this dress, or that dress, or I can’t wear that again. Whereas guys will recycle different suits and shirts and ties, and mix and match a lot better than we do, or are more willing to do that than we are!

With motherhood on the horizon, what can we expect from Megan Gale in the future?

Oh you won’t see me for a little bit! So if you don’t see me don’t be alarmed, I’ll be alive but I’ll just be very domesticated and camping out somewhere in Melbourne, I’d say. But I really want to be hands on from the beginning and enjoy motherhood and really connect and bond with my baby. So that’s what I’m looking for, for the first six months. Then towards the end of the year I’ll emerge – hopefully still sane and reasonably normal. But I’m really looking forward to being a mum and this baby has been so great through the pregnancy so far that I’m sure that once it comes out it will be just as accommodating. It’s been such a lovely pregnancy.

How long to go?

10 weeks – I’m three quarters of the way there!

VAMFF will be your last Australian appearance for L’Oreal. What do you think you’ll miss the most?

I think the first thing I’m going to miss is Cannes film festival in May. I’ve been the last two years, and I have to say I’ve become quite accustomed to attending, because it’s so much fun! But VAMFF is on this year at around the time that I’m due to give birth, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to Cannes this year! I’m definitely looking forward to coming back at the end of this year, because we’ll be working on a lot of new projects. The other thing I’ll definitely miss is the OCRF high tea. It is a very few inspiring days that I usually spend meeting a lot of people who have been diagnosed [with cancer] and people who have lived through the disease, and it is always a very informative experience as well.

Will you do participate in the OCRF high tea again next year?

Absolutely, yes for sure!

Finish the sentence:

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only choose one beauty product, it would be… Sunscreen.

The hottest beauty look of the season is… The winged eye

(L’Oreal Paris Make Up Director, Elsa Morgan provides her tips to achieve the winged eye look to suit different eye shapes.)

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My everyday beauty regime consists of… Drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep, cleansing twice daily – with L’Oreal products of course!

Date night: jeans, heels and… My man! (obviously!) That’s all you need…

The item in my wardrobe I cherish the most is… My shoe collection. I just have to say that as a whole, I can’t pick one pair!

Any look’s not complete without… A smile and confidence

Looking back, my biggest fashion fail was… Oh god [laughs]… Apparently it was my formal dress – but my mum made that! No, it’s not my formal dress – but that was the 80s, it was on trend then! I went through a stage, I would say it was around 89-90 where I teased my hair way too high with too much gel. Remember that teasing fringe, and you’d create a wall of hair? I was that girl.

At least you didn’t have the panda eyes while you were doing it…

No I was more the blue mascara and pink and purple eye shadow with a frosty pink lip!

We would love for L’Oreal Paris to recreate that look for you now…

Yes, I’m sure that we could create it. It would be fun to do some different looks from different decades. I’d be up for being the guinea pig for that!

The hottest look for this season is… Lots of leather

My number one tip for surviving fashion week is… Sitting in a foot massage wherever possible

The biggest perk of being a L’Oreal Paris Ambassador is… Probably the travel, and meeting some extraordinary, inspiring people

After this year’s fashion festival, I can’t wait to… Go on maternity leave!

If you could walk down the street in anything you wanted to wear, without being judged, what would you pick?

I like Ugg boots. Because they are SO comfortable, and they feel so yummy on your feet. But if you walked out of the house wearing them there’s an instant judgement attached to that – and I’m not sure why because it’s such a great shoe, but for some reason it’s considered the shoe of the slob.

Take a peak behind the scenes with L’Oreal Paris‘ local Ambassador Megan Gale as she takes us through the shoot for new Revitalift Magic Blur.

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We can’t wait to see Megan and her gorgeous baby bump at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival!

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