Heartbreakingly beautiful and an Australian fashion icon to boot, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week ambassador Ashley Hart has quite the resume. Having recently added wife to her list of achievements, we caught up with the model at The Church Bang Bang Boogaloo, one of the exciting new venues as part of Creative Collective, an event as part of MSFW: Industry, to talk fashion, beauty and what MSFW means to her.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle kicked off the 21st instalment of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week yesterday with hometown stunner Ashley Hart announced as ambassador for the second year in a row.

What is a day in the life of you?

Wow, I can’t say that my life has any regularity to it, I aim to have routine because I’ve never had it. I’m sure if I actually get it ever in my life, like a 9 – 5 where I know what I’m doing I probably won’t enjoy it. For me I think I have learnt that I have to constantly adapt to the constant changes of life from a really young age… that’s given me a blessing but at the same time if I could have a regular day where I just knew what I was doing, I would also really love that. So a typical day for me is always different but I always start my morning with meditation and yoga, and my coffee.

Being in the same industry as Jess and having a similar look, has there ever been any sibling rivalry?

There hasn’t been ever really, Jess moved to Japan early on and I guess we have never been chasing the same jobs. We are so supportive of each other, the biggest thing we do is steal each other’s clothes.

You’re the front woman for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, and a Melburnian yourself, so what’s your definition of Melbourne style?

I think Melbourne style is dark, cool… edgy. I mean you can always tell when someone is from Melbourne, it’s an effortless style where it really is less is more.

Being that it is your 2nd year as the ambassador for the festival, what does MSFW mean to you?

Being a model and just walking down the runway originally, and now I’m able to sit on the sidelines and see it from a real collaboration perspective and everyone’s creativity put together. I have a huge appreciation for it and I get to experience every aspect of it. Like literally be in it and I love that… being fully apart of it all.


*Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, Ash Hart, Vogue’s Nick Smith

Why do you think it’s so important to the Australian fashion industry?

With everything being online now, look there’s great aspects to it but I think people are forgetting to have the full experience of shopping, for me I love going out and having the heart, having the personal experience of talking to a shop attendant, getting an opinion of what they think about it… being fully involved in the whole shopping experience and I love how Melbourne is a big support of the whole thing.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is featuring in MSFW’s opening retail weekend, MSFW: Shop the City, this year and it’s encouraging everyone to get out and shop and have the full experience  and I think that it’s great for everyone involved and especially keeping the industry alive because you know when everything is just coming so easily at a click of a button it has huge impacts…. even the modelling industry is being affected, you know there’s not as many magazines, the shoots are different for us…..I don’t want the creativity to stop in anyway and I think Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is supporting that, showing that and you get to really fully experience it. So it’s helping the whole industry by coming to fashion week and having the experience.

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week?

Absolutely everything but there is the unique no repeat runways at Town Hall for MSFW: Designer, so each runway is going to be a unique Melbourne experience which is really cool. Each one is such a show, its moving theatre of moving art. And it’s kind of fun to think that it can be over in 30 minutes and it’s not going to happen again so it really makes you not want to miss out.

Models at MSFW 2015 Launch

What shows will you be attending?

All of them, as much as I can. I really love the experience and want to be involved in the whole week as much as possible.

What designers are you looking forward to seeing?

Josh Goot, Manning Cartel, Yeojin Bae can’t go past…love her, Dion Lee. I mean so many and there is a lot of new and upcoming ones Asilio, loving them…. and I love actually learning the new ones and seeing the new ones I love as I’m sitting there.

How would you describe your personal style?

I kind of explain my personal style as in being moody, as in its constantly changing but I do like to say that I’m a good candidate for a Melbourne styled girl… I said it the other day but I can always tell when someone is from Melbourne if I’m overseas, not Sydney, not Australia… a Melbourne person, I can just tell the way they dress and I think it’s because obviously I’m from here and I’ve got the same sort of style….. But there is just something like your cool, I just get it.


Finish the sentence    

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only choose one fashion item, it would be… my Akubra hat

Any look’s not complete without…. a good handbag

Date night: jeans, heels and… white singlet, no bra

The hottest look for the season is… confidence

The most played song on my iPod right now is…. James Bay, Let It Go

My biggest fashion fail was…low rise jeans (bum crack out) and a tight top that didn’t fit right

The item in my wardrobe I cherish the most.… A vintage long dress that kind of looks like a curtain but is so sentimental to me… I have worn it to many events in my life that mean a lot to me and I won’t throw it out. It’s the one thing I would grab if there was a fire

My number 1 go to beauty product is… water

My number one tip for surviving fashion week is… Detox, retox

After this year’s fashion week, I can’t wait to… shop

If you could walk down the street in anything you wanted, without being judged, what would you pick? Suspenders with a dress.

Here are some of the pics from our shoot.





*Ashley was wearing Yeojin Bae with Tony Bianco Shoes with Tony Baumann for Mecca Cosmetica ( make-up) and Ben Dalton for Kevin Murphy (hair) for MSFW.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week delivers more than 200 fashion events in the city from August 28 to September 4 – To find out more and to purchase tickets head to the official MSFW Website

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