Length appropriate skirts for your daughter aren’t always easy to find. It’s been an age old debate; mothers, fathers and educators are continuously struggling to combat standards set by the children’s fashion industry that effect the way young girls want to dress for school and on weekends.

So what length really is appropriate? These styles are sure to set the long versus short debate aside; and make life easier when it comes to negotiating wardrobe preferences with your daughter!

1. The maxi 

Maxi skirts and dresses are a perfect, fashionable option for girls of all ages. Whether she is in primary school or high school, there is no doubt the maxi will deliver the ultimate cool factor.

2. The mini

Skirts with shorter lengths are the most controversial. It’s a fight we can remember having with our own mothers: “But EVERYONE at school is wearing them!” A great way to negotiate on this one (particularly for primary school girls) is to wear them with leggings underneath.


3. Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirts are similar to pencil skirts with two main differences. The first is that they are wider in the hips. The second is that they are slightly shorter than a pencil skirt, allow for more movement and look like an upside down tulip. This is a great option for negotiating between lengths and styles!

4. Peplum waist

Skirts with a peplum waistline are great for girls with in-between figures. They provide shape and curves for girls who don’t have them, and hide curves for girls that do. Perfect for awkward phases of puberty and growth, they are also slightly longer in length with a fitted silhouette.

5. Mullet skirt

The short at the front and long at the back skirt is also a great option when fighting about lengths with your daughter. The shorter length at the front is sure to keep her happy whilst the longer length at the back will help mum and dad sleep easier at night. Not to mention, the style has been a favourite at fashion weeks around the world!

Whatever the style, your daughter should feel confident and happy with the way she looks and how she is dressed.

appropriate skirts for your daughter