Little Gents Clothing brand is one of the sassiest, sophisticated and charming clothing labels for little boys, which is based on allowing children to develop their own style sense.

The market for clothing is always inundated with girls clothing from skirts to dresses to necklaces to bows! When in a department store you can almost guarantee that the girls section is twice as large as the boys. This discovery was how Little Gents clothing store was born.

It is a brand based on a sense of classic style, sophistication and comfort for everyday wear. Their goals include –  1. Equipping you with everything you need, from clothing to accessories to build an individual dapper outfit for your little man and 2. Providing amazing customer service!

From Bubs, right through to size 8 there is something for everyone. If you are in the market for your little mans next size up winter clothing now would be the perfect time to grab yourself a bargain. Like this knit jumper in navy, down from $59.99 to $44.99. it is a knit jumper for juniors from the brand Fresh Baked.

Polka Dot Tee OUTFIT

As for tops they stock everything from button downs to tees. In the button down variety they have the Little S’ Collar Shirt  perfect for formal events from the brand Andy & Evan for $35. This would be perfectly paired with the grey chambray vest from the brand Andy & Evan for $24.95. Then for a more casual look they sport some cute tees with quirky and fun prints like the Duke Tee from Momes for $26.95.

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They also carry a variety of accessories, swimmer, and bottoms. everything you need to make a wardrobe of sophisticated outfits for your son!


You can check everything out on their website here or on their instagram at littlegentsclothing.

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