Nothing marks a mile stone like your little one sitting down to a meal at their own little table and chair set. There are so many choices when it comes to a table and chair set for your child, however, it does not have to be a Dora the explorer set which is bright pink and clashes with your homes décor! There lots of affordable and stylish options out there to go with any décor, so when people come to visit it is one less thing you have to quickly shove into your child’s room or hallway cupboard!

First cab off the rank is from Mocka Australia. Recommended for ages two to six this table and chair setting is a perfect little statement piece. Coming with either natural, or brightly coloured stools, it features a table and four stools, which are made from birch and poplar plywood. Probably the best feature of this set is that the stools hold adult weight and are stackable for easy storage.


On sale $79.95 (Regular Price $99.95)

The next little set comes from a place you would hardly expect to find darling furniture, Office Works! The Humming Bird series of the Kids table and chairs are sold separately to allow you to mix and match the various colours of chairs, pink, blue and white, with the standard white table. The chairs have a weight capacity of 50kg and the legs are made from a sturdy beach wood. The table has weight capacity of 40kg and boasts an easy to clean surface top made from MDF.

OWKIDEMCHP_hummingbird_kids_play_chair_pink OWKIDEMCHT_kids_play_table OWKIDEMCHW_eames_replica_kids_chair_white OWKIDEMCHP_D_hummingbird_kids_play_chair_pink OWKIDEMCHB_eames_replica_kids_chair_blue

Chairs $39 each and Table $57

The next set is from Matt Blatt. This little set of a table with two chairs can come in a variety of colours and you can mix and match between the red, blue and yellow. Although very similar in style to the Mocka set, this set also features chairs with backs, so I you are a little uncertain about your child’s balance skills this would be a perfect place to start.
matt blatt

$126 for the set

The final set is from our trusty Kmart store! This darling little set in simple white is suitable for ages three and up with a maximum limit for both table and chairs of 50kg. Boasting an easy clean timber veneer you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that although the set is white, it will remain so for quite some time!


So weather it is a Scandinavian, simplistic or shabby chic look you are after for your child’s first dining set, keep these few in mind to help match your existing décor and allow your home to continue a seamless look.

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