After completing my sons nursery I was sad to find out I had gone ahead and bought the WRONG kind of rug! So now, funnily enough I have a new obsession for Jute rugs, These rugs are not only super stylish, they are also friendly for any budget, gender neutral and more often than not they can be used not only in your child’s bedroom but absolutely anywhere in the house.

Typically the one and only Kmart are right on trend with this one and stock a large and small version of this rug with a yellow trim. The large is $39 while the small is $29. They also have a kids version which is full of colours so would suit any decor for $25. Not only do these rugs look great they are also really affordable prices, so you can get the look you want for less!

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The Lark store also shares an enthusiasm for Jute Rugs. A couple of my favourites are the Camellia Flower Rug which is on sale at the moment for $256. This is one of my favourites because of its versatility and the fact I can imagine it being used in a bedroom, dining room or lounge room. The possibilities are endless and because of its neutral tones it is easy to pair with any kind of colour scheme or decor without clashing colours or over the top patterns. Another one of my picks is the Cerise Daisy Flower Rug which is also on sale for $220. This rug would be perfect for a play room or a little girls room as its vibrant colours scream femininity and playfulness.

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The final Jute of my dreams is from Adairs. The Sea Grass Rug Natural Round, for $199.95 strikes a good balance between the simplicity of the Kmart Rug and the detail in the Lark Store Camellia Flower Rug. It boasts the natural tones, and has only a small detail around the edge of the rug which gives it an aura of sophistication. Again this rug can be used in any room and can be used to give your child’s room an organic feel with a bit of playfulness created by the circular pattern along the edging.


So there you have it! As my jute rug obsession continues my wish list grows longer and longer as I dream of a jute rug in EVERY room of my house… a girl can dream right?!



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