Every mum wants her kid to look good. When it comes to dressing children, we’d all like to be the parent of a Suri Cruise lookalike. Let’s be realistic however – not all of us have the disposable budget of Tom Cruise at our fingertips. A woman can dream!

Until then, getting a designer kid’s look for less is easier than you’d think! We adore these gorgeous bermuda shorts from Gucci Kids, however no mother is going to pay over $200 for a pair of shorts that will only fit her son for three months.


Gucci Striped Cotton Bermuda Shorts $226.04

This is why we are in love with Rusty’s Stomp Walk Shorts for only $29.99 from The Iconic. What’s even better about these shorts is that denim is a more durable fabric and so will last longer, as will the adjustable waist! Simply role up the hem for the same dapper look.


Rusty Stomp Walk Shorts (via The Iconic)

Time to go shopping mum!