dreambaby baby tooth care

Dreambaby have launched a three stage baby tooth care set perfect for your little one from before their first tooth appears through to the final stage of first teeth development.

Taking care of your baby’s gums and teeth should start as early as possible to ensure lifelong healthy dental habits. Easy said than done, Dreambaby’s gum and tooth care set helps parents establish a daily oral hygiene routine with their baby from 3 months of age.

Available in a pack of three different brushes, the tooth and gum care kit develops as your baby grows.

Stage 1 brush: Ideal for babies who have or are just about to start teething. This brush consists of a textured rubber end with no bristle to gently massage sore and tender gums. This will help to alleviate the intensity of the teething stage, whilst preparing your baby for the next stage of toothbrush.

Stage 2 brush: Designed for the developing teeth stage, this brush is intended for gently brushing and stroking gums, tooth rims and new tooth areas.

Stage 3 brush: The perfect first toothbrush, the gentle bristles ensure great hygiene for developing teeth. This stage is the most important to make sure younger children learn to maintain their own teeth.

Baby tooth care

Available in a set of blue or pink, the Dreambaby Three Stage Gum and Tooth Care set is perfect for your little girl or boy.

Visit the Dreambaby website at www.dreambaby.com.au.